Tuesday, 30 June 2015

My Colour poem

               This is my colour poem
we had to do a colour poem first we had to do a smiley and metaphor brain storm. Next we had to do a colour brain storm. Then we had to draft our colour poem. Next we had to show the teacher. Finlay we had to upload our colour poem to our blog.  It was fun to do the colour poem. 

Friday, 26 June 2015

Charecter trats

venn diagram

I was learning adout charecters treats 
it was easy in chapter 1 because it gives you lot of facts about the mane charecter
it was hard to get emotional  facts because the auther didn't give you mutch envomation

Queen's Birthday


On Monday the 1st June it was Queen's  birthday.
I went to my friends house .
we went on mine craft. We like to conect worlds and lee got lost in the ocean so I deleated my world that had dimonds on it

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


My Reflection 
In reading I was doing a inferencing. we had an activity to do. We had to go on a website. It had questions we had to answer  and we had to inference what we thought the answer was I got all 10 right. It was very fun. I was proud of my inferencng because I thought and got all the answers right.
It was hard to think of what I should put.  It was easy to inference the answer. 

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Term 2 Week 10

Last week we did a rotation about Matarike.

The first rotation we did was reading we had to read to little kids in  year one.
the first book we red was the story of how Matarike came to be. 
Then we red little tuhatara. 

The next rotation was midnight Matarike 
first we got in a circle and then we got numbers
I got up to twilight witch is the second one up

the next activity was making paper flowers 
we got a Peace of paper and started to weave
then we ended up with a paper flower 

over all it was very fun 
I liked the midnight Matarike.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Kiatiaki art

My Reflection

In room 28/29 we where doing art.
we drawed pitchers of Morie guardians.
 God of wind is the one I did.We put words that our guardians are like. First we lesend cearful to the story of how the sky father and erth mother got splet apart and then we chose our guardian that we wanted to do. then we drew our gardean 
next we coloured our pitcher in.
after  that we went on a website and we chose a font and made our words.

Bike Skills

My Reflection
I have completed the learn to ride program
My class where doing IT for five weeks. we went to the field every Tuesday and we learnt lots of awesome skills. we errand a passport and a certificate and we learnt what's on a bike and what side we get on it from.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Term 2 week

This week we had to do a colour poem. If you wanted to you could do it in partners. Charlotte and I did it in a partner. Because you get more work done.

  • first we had to do a colour brain storm 
  • Next we had to do a metaphor and similes brain storm
  • then we had to draft our poem
  • after that you had to check your work
  • then you had to show the teacher 
  • then you had to show the teacher
we had to do all the colours of the rainbow me and Charlotte did the colour poem in an hour. it was so awesome because you had to think as hard as you can for similes and metaphors.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

My speech popplet

My Reflection
we had to do a popplet for what our speech might be My speech was about why all kids should play a sport. we had to do a popplet so we could think of ideas. it was hard to think of a topic.it was easy to think of ideas that would go with because I had a really easy topic. I am proud of my hard effete and my speech. next I would like to write  another speech that is something different. I liked writing a speech because it made me think more about what I am writing.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Te Tuhi Trip

Trip  to Te Tuhi
last Thursday at 9 30 we went to Te Tuhi art senter.  To make  vertical gardens.

First we had  to go to the art program room and chose our seets .
Then we lesand to the instructions

  1. we had to drow a gide so we could cut the bottle so it looked like all the other kids.
  2. then we cut them out
  3. then we thot of  designs for our bottle
  4. then we had to choosseur plants 

after we played hagn man , when i had to chosse a word I did tawhirimatea ,  lots of peaple had a hard time gussing that my word was tawhirimatea.  Then someone said w , then someone else said tawhirimatea which was my word.
After we had a look at the art galery and all the other  kids bottles that where from difrant class's .I liked that program because it was fun and we  where the only school that was allod to go and only 5 class's went  all the year 5s went and we where the only year 4s that went