Friday, 30 October 2015

balenced or bias

We are learning about balanced or biased article this is my follow up this article is about why chocolate is good for you it was hard to figure out what to right about it was easy to find facts for my article i am proud of myself because i have never written and biased or balanced article. I cant wait to do another article

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Week 3 Term 4

On the long weekend I played on my I Pad I played block Heads and i made a new world it is better then my other world because i got lots of things I didn't have before i got a press a Taylor''s bench  a builders bench a Furnis kiln and a compost bin On my other block heads world i didn't have all thees things.

also on the week end we went to Harvey Norman to get a printer we sore the most AWESOME Thing ever we sore a TOUCH SCREEN LAPTOP it was so amazing It even had a pen tat you could touch the laptop screen it was so amazinG but all my cozen was worried about was a barbie bed the had a barbie mattres that said barbie all over it.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Fact or opinion

My Refection 
This week we are learning about fact and opinion.  This is my follow up.  It was hard to find out if  it was right or wrong It was Easy to do opinion I liked it because it was a fun activity because you had to remember thing and you had to find thing.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Term 4 Week 2

Last weekend I went to my friends house.  First we had a disco when we did the disco I met Mya and Hayley we ate lollies and fish and chips and we played on Minecraft and well we were on Minecraft Mya was Knitting head bands for us and we had a really pretty one. 

Next Me and my friend had a sleep over we stayed up late and played on our i pad we played Minecraft blockhead's  and block craft 3D and we watched youtube it was really fun and Finaly we had to go to bed and we talked for a little while and then we fell asleep Good night.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Term 4 Week 1

In the holiday I went to camp Raglan

In the first week of the holiday I packed my bag,when i was finished i looked through my suit case to make sure i was done, then i closed my suit case and put it in the car.  Then we went to the bus stop, and the bus driver loaded the bus and we hoped on. After a 1 hour and a half drive we were in Hamilton, we hopped of the bus  got our bags and went over to the camp bus, we gave our bags to the bus driver and he put them in the bag area , we hopped on the bus and got in  our seats I sat next to my friend Rebekah we sat in the front because the boys wouldn't let us at sit in the back. On the bus ride we ate candy like bubble gum and Turkish delight and milky ways.   

When we got to camp we went to the reception, and I gave my note and car sick pill to the lady at reception she told me i was with Aunty Victoria, so I went to my cabin and made my bed, then me and Rebekah went outside and played on the lullaby me and  Rebekah got to push the lullaby. 

In the morning Uncle Ian came through and woke us up then we Quickly got changed, brushed our teeth for breakfast we brush our teeth before breakfast because there's no time after breakfast because we've  got morning activities. For morning activities we did quad bike I road with Aunt Victoria we were in the lead we were so fast. 

On Wednesday we went down to the beach we made the amazon jungle city, we made a water line after we went to the beach, we got into our togs and got our towl's and got on the bus to water world. first me and my friends went  on the Hydra slides, then we went on this inflatable stick the aim of it is to try sit on the to for as long as you can with out falling of