Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Explnation writing

This is my writing follow up it's a local order one we had to put  story about a dragon i n order it is about  how to catch  dragon.

Kensuke's Kingdom - Chapter 1

For reading we had to read chapter one of kensuke's kingdom  this is my activity
it was hard to think of what they were thinking it was easy to think of what I was thinking because of the infomation from the book

My fractions

For my fractions i was learning to to identify the sobles of a impora fractions we played a fractions game called math man math man is like PAC man but you have to find the fraction that it tells you to find i got to level two but i only had one live left and i did the wrong fractions a died. It was hard becausee i dont no the impora fractions so i had to guess most of the fractions.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Term 3 week 2

This week we had a change in our class. now we have to work with masters. I am a rookie there are recruits witch are level one next are Rookies that are level two then there self directed learning level 3 with is scholar next there is the top level 4 witch is master My master is kind she lets us do what we want and she gets her work because she doesn't have to focus on us because she says do your work and we get it done i thought i was scholar but I had to work on more things then you should work on. I like doing self directed  learning  because it's really fun and we don't have to sit there and listen to the teacher jabbering on and telling us what we have to but instead we just do what we want.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

tree planting

On Tuesday 21 July 2015 Room 28 and 29 went down the the gravel track to the back of the filed.

There wasn't that many trees so the year 4 and 5 did something about it we planted toitoi flax and cabbage trees.

We were planting with peaple from the Auckland city council their names were Anna Poul and Carl.

We had to dig really hard because there were clay rocks and tree roots in the way.In the hole before we put the plant in we put a fertiliser tablet in the hole because it helps grow healthier and faster to grow.
 we were in buddies to me it was easier with a bubbie because you could give the shovel to your buddie. I was buddies with my friend Charlotte
    our class planted about 100 trees overall it was relley fun and i our class planted about 100 trees
 overall it was relley fun and i relley liked it.