Thursday, 6 April 2017

Yellow Spotted Lizards-Internet

W.a.l.t find and summarize information by choosing the most important information in a text

Learning Reflection 

I was able to make a Venn diagram from the most important information in the text.  

Next time I will Summarize more information from the text 

Did You Ever Poem

W.a.l.t use a thesaurus to make precise and interesting language choices.  

Learning Reflection 

I was able to use a thesaurus to change some words to make my writing more interesting like heart pumping to heart pounding!!!!! 

Next time I will use a thesaurus in other pieces of work to change words and make my writing more interesting. 

Camp MERC Acrostic Poem

W.a.l.t edit and revise my Camp Merc writing for clarity and impact in response to feedback 

Learning Reflection     

I did not make changes to my poem.

Next time I am going to sit next to someone that can give me feedback to make my writing better and I will look for the squiggly red line so I can fix my spelling.